Marbel Warna dan Musik Ajaib

Do you want to know how to teach kids in fun way? Marbel magic Color & Music is the answer. By this app, kids will learn color mixing, planting, and also playing percussion. This app was equipped with cute animation and cool audio in order to kids feel comfortable while studying.

Special features:
# Learn color mixing
# Learn percussion
# 7 color seeds experiment
# 21 plants
# Play 11 percussions with cool animations

Make sure to give a proper game for your kids in order to avoid misused of technology. Beside a game, Marbel Magic Color & Music is also an educational media.
This application is categorized as edu-games, learning apps, book, interactive learning, puzzle game, kids game, drawing book, coloring book, free edu-games.

About Marbel & Friends
Marbel & Friends is special game intended for kids aged 6 – 12 years old. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus on education application, Marbel & Friends is more focusing on games. However, we can still learning while playing. Take for example learn about proffesion through simulation game, learn about loving animals through pet game, learn about creativity, and many more.

We would appreciate your critics and suggestion. Don’t be hesitate to send it to:
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More information about MARBEL:
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# Twitter: @educastudio

Marbel is suitable for moms who love to company their kids studying. Not only fun, kids also get knowledge . Studying while playing? Why not? Get Marbel installed in your tablet and smartphone right now..

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