Marbel Supermarket

Marbel Supermarket! We got a new shopping centre! The town looks cheerful by sparkling lamp of shops. What makes it bright is the discount! Be a great customer, buy some groceries or food. Don’t miss this great opportunity and happy shopping!

In Marbel Mart, you can buy all daily needs. When you run out of some food or grocery, then go to the grocery store. In there, you may buy some foods. Besides you may buy soap, shampoo, toothpaste, oil, or food . After that, go to the cashier, calculate the total prize and pay it to the cashier. Cashier will count it . Ain’t it fun shopping grocery?

Beside daily needs, you can buy book , clothing for baby in the boutique, fish, toys for baby, and softdrinks. It’s so fun going to the bookstore. You will find a lot of books and other stationery. A lot of books and stationary are discount. Go visit and explore all shops.

Next, you can go to the boutique and try the bran new dress and accessories for baby, girl or boy. For girl, it must be so much fun. In the boutique, you may mix and match the dress. Explore the boutique. After go around in boutique, you may go to the toy store. In the toy store, you will get a lot of options of toys, such as robot, doll, etc. A lot of fish are available, such as water fish or sea fish. What a wonderful experience shopping in Marbel Supermarket. You can pay your items using cash and pay it to the cashier or by using a credit card. Count all the money correctly and give it to the cashier. Or put on your credit card and don’t forget to put in your password. When you pay using credit card, you need to sign. Are you thirsty after shopping? If so, go to the vending machine and buy some softdrinks. you get so many choices of softdrinks.

You can play as a manager. You will get great experience of helping customer. Don’t make the customer sad. Remember, customer is the king. Be a good manager and expand your stores.

1. six (6) markets you can visit
2. You can buy daily needs, grocery, books, cloths for baby, boy or girl, meat and fish, toys for baby, food, and softdrinks.
3. More than twenty (20) games
4. More than one hundred (100) items to shop
5. two (2) kinds of payment
6. Interesting addictive mini games
7. Available in English and Bahasa Indonesia
8. Designed for kids

For mom, make sure to give a proper game for your children in order to avoid misused of technology. Beside a game, Marbel Supermarket is also an educational media.
This application is categorized as simulation, edu-games, learning apps, book, interactive learning, puzzle game, children game, boy and girl game, drawing book, coloring book.

About Marbel & Friends
Marbel & Friends is special game intended for children aged 6 – 12 years old. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus on education application, Marbel & Friends is more focusing on games. However, we can still learning while playing. Take for example Sasa learn about proffesion through simulation game, learn about loving animals through pet game, learn about creativity, and many more. It’s good for mom who has child.

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Twitter: @educastudio

Marbel is suitable for moms who love to company their children learning. Not only fun, they are also get knowledge . Studying while playing? Why not? Get Marbel installed in your tablet and smartphone right now, Mom.

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