Princess Cake Shop

Corny, our little princess runs a cake shop now. The shop looks great. Decorated in princess’ style, this cake shop provides a lot of cakes. Using special ingredients, Princess Corny cooks three extraordinary cakes. Wow. A ton of customers are coming. Princess Corny is very busy. She has to bake a cake quickly. She absolutely needs our help. Get your apron, and help her out.

Let’s go to the kitchen and let Princess Corny take a rest by going to see her customers. first of all, check the ingredients. Make sure the powder, sugar, eggs, cheese are in good condition. Take the special recipes and start cooking.

These recipes is very special and classified. What make it so special? The secret is ‘Happiness’. In order to make a delicious cake, you have to be happy first. Every single happiness you pour into your cake makes the cake more tasty. Read the recipe carefully, prepare the ingredients, and start cooking. Pour the powder and sugar. Add some eggs and cheese. Mix all the ingredients. Later, you can bake the dough in the oven. Once your cake is done, then you can start platting.

Being a master baker is fun. Isn’t it? Let’s join Princess Cake Shop right now.

1. You may own the cake shop free.
2. 3 special recipes
3. An easy instruction for kids
4. Easy control. Just by tapping and sliding
5. Acceleration mode to make it more challenging
6. More than 80 beautiful toppings
7. A cute candle to make your cake beautiful.
8. Complete kitchen tool set to make cooking easier.
9. Tap on the cake after you are done cooking.

This app can be downloaded free. All standard features can be played free. However, several features only can be played by purchasing the full version. This app also displays advertisement. If you do not want the ads appeared, you can purchase the full version.

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